The Big 5 Adoption Barriers: Solved





Testing and






Adding biometric capabilities to your products and connecting them to larger ecosystems raises five key challenges that are solved by the products from Identity Devices.  Our solutions address all five of these adoption barriers in order to speed technical integration and thus reduce your product's time to market.

Physical Integration

We provide easy-to-integrate sensor modules in standard shapes, sizes and colors that save you the significant time and expense of custom-designing a module. Detailed specifications can be provided to streamline the mechanical integration of the module into your device.

Service Integration

Whether you want to perform local authentication, service personalization, or connect to various ecosystems, Identity Devices provides integration SDKs that enable the functionality you need to differentiate your product offering.


Testing and Certification

Our solutions are pre-tested for accuracy and quality before leaving the factory, and we offer pre-certified solutions for integrating our products with select ecosystems, such as India's Aadhaar.


Security Design

It's easy to integrate biometric capabilities into your device in a manner that is less secure.  Identity Devices embeds its expert security design into its products and provides advisory services to make sure your final product has a robust biometric security architecture.


Expertise Availability

It's difficult to find talent with a range of expertise equivalent to Identity Devices, and adding biometrics to your product for the first time raises many questions beyond technical or service integration.  Identity Devices makes its deep experience in biometric product design available to all its customers, advising on matters such as usability, differentiation and market fit requirements.


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