Internet of Things (IoT) and Biometrics

Components Inside of Mobile Phone
Server Installation

Identity Devices accelerates integration of biometrics into any Internet of Things device and associated ecosystem.  With many combined years of experience, we have already helped launch padlocks, door locks, infotainment systems, and many other applications -- both standalone and connected IoT "edge" devices.

We truly understand the importance of security, architecture, and reliability of biometric devices connected to the internet.  We like to dream up new scenarios using biometrics too!  We firmly believe that the most innovative uses of biometric technology in consumer devices has yet to be invented.

With expertise integrating the various modalities, Identity Devices ensures that our products and services address the unique needs of the IoT market.  All of our Plug and Play IDevelop Kits come with API and integration documentation as part of the SDK deliverables, and our Fingerprint and Iris IDmodules comes pre-certified and pre-tested.

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