Field Application Engineer (Dehli)

How to Apply 

Send your resume and a short cover letter explaining your qualifications to

Job Overview 

As a Field Application Engineer, you are the link between Product development, Customer and Sales.

Your goal is to generate technical solutions and successfully implement them at customers. You will use existing products and concepts, and create new solutions/products and concepts, to work out system solutions for customers.


This job requires in-depth knowledge of biometric products. You are familiar with all the details from development to testing through to sales strategy.


As you will have direct contact with customers, you must have excellent communication skills.

  • You will be responsible for the technical marketing and support for the company’s products in Asia-Pacific, with an initial focus on the India market.  

  • You will use your deep understanding of technical issues and negotiation strategies to support maximum value recognition for the company’s products.


This role reports to the VP Sales & Marketing

Responsibilities and Duties

•    Developing biometric technical solutions for our customers.

•    By working out product solutions for application and system requirements

•    Discussing product definition with customers and giving feed back to product lines.

•    Establishing and maintaining good relationship with customers and product line.


Qualifications & Prior Experiences

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related degrees

  • Computer language certification recommended.

  • Willing to work extended hours

  • Keen learner & willing to travel both domestic & International

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proven ability to predict customer needs and great comfort in direct, high-pressure engagements;

  • Proven problem-solving skills, with an eye for detail 

  • Expertise in computer languages and operating systems, and an extensive understanding of biometric systems, such as image scanners and databases