The Biometric Privacy Platform™ for Aadhaar


The Biometric Privacy Platform™ (BPP) adds a privacy and consumer-choice layer on top of Aadhaar online and offline authentication modes. BPP consists of authentication hardware and software for the Aadhaar ecosystem, that puts the resident in charge of the use of their Aadhaar data, including picture, name, address, mobile number and more.

When installed on a device that supports online or offline Aadhaar authentication, BPP provides the ability for Aadhaar-enrolled residents of India to choose their preferred authentication modality, or even opt out.  If online or offline authentication is chosen, the resident may choose on the screen of the authentication terminal which Aadhaar attributes they wish to share.


BPP Includes:


  • ID Biometric Integration Kit for Aadhaar 

  • IDBasic Technical Support


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