The World's Largest Biometric and Digital Identity Ecosystem

Quick Aadhaar Facts

  • 1.2 Billion Citizens Enrolled

  • Fingerprint and Iris Scanned

  • 700M Transactions Daily

Aadhaar Overview

With over 1.2 Billion people with enrolled fingerprint and iris scans, India's Aadhaar is the worlds largest biometric and digital identity ecosystem.  Each enrolled individual is given a unique 12 digit number that can be used, along with a real-time capture of their fingerprint or iris, to authenticate identity for various government services, as well as commercial services such as opening up a bank account and signing up for mobile phone service.  


Aadhaar is operated by the Government of India, and all devices that connect to Aadhaar must be certified to meet quality and durability standards.  For biometric capture devices, such as fingerprint and iris scanners, it is necessary to pass very stringent biometric accuracy tests, in addition to other quality and environmental tests.

Identity Devices offers pre-certified Aadhaar biometric authentication solutions to accelerate development and launch of products that interact with Aadhaar.  

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What good does Aadhaar bring?  Bill Gates summarizes it well in his blog: